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Manglad Roofing Systems Ltd – All Info. (Contact & Services)

Manglad Roofing Systems

Manglad Roofing Systems Ltd was established in 2009, by two like-minded people who understand the industry with its technicalities and needs. It is undoubtedly one of the best among equals in the roofing companies in Ghana today.

Manglad is the home for high quality, affordable and modern Aluminum and Aluzinc materials which are later manufactured into the following products:

  • Strip lock
  • Standing seam
  • IDT
  • IBR products

Manglad roofing sheets and materials are manufactured to last a lifetime. It’s fortified with anti-corrosion properties and can withstand the harsh weather conditions within Ghana.

Manglad roofs are leakproof, there is no direct nailing on the roof panels it’s held securely with clips and strips beneath the sheets.

Manglad roof products are affordable and one of the best in Ghana. Their products are the obvious choice for every pocket.

The services offered by the company include Quantity surveying services, on-site roof installation, technical advice, roofing woodworks, general carpentry works, management of clients’ buildings, metal trusses, and free estimates for projects.

The offering of free estimates on projects regardless of the scale of the project makes them stand out from other roofing companies in Ghana. However, this service is only available to clients within the Greater Accra region. Also, such clients will bear the transport cost of providing these estimates to their respective sites.


Manglad Roofing Systems Ltd. provide the following services to their cherished customers throughout Ghana.

Free Estimate

Get a free estimate for projects within the GREATER ACCRA region. Customers outside the GREATER ACCRA region bear the transport cost of the estimators to their respective sites.

Technical Advice

Manglad Roofing Systems Limited has qualified personnel who offer free technical advice with respect to suitable material and provide you with complete roofing solutions.

On-site Installation

Manglad Roofing Systems Limited has its own trained carpenters and installers to handle all clients’ installation needs effectively and promptly.

At Manglad, we believe the quality of a roof does not depend on the value of the material used but also on the quality of the carpentry work and roof installation. That is why we go the extra mile to do carpentry work to suit the type of roofing profiles we manufacture and also install for our clients.

Learn About Manglad Roofing Products

Our long-span roofing panels come in various modern designs and a variety of attractive colors to choose from. Our roofing panels are corrosion-free, manufactured with materials that meet ISO 9001 certification, and thus of the highest quality. Our Aluzinc roofing panels contain the following materials.

  • Aluminium – 54.93%
  • Zinc-43.7%
  • Silica-1.37%

The aluminium used prevents corrosion, zinc gives the roofing panels the needed stiffness and flexibility and silica gives the needed tensile property. This makes the products strong to withstand any harsh weather conditions. The quality of the products gives you value for your money.

Location & Contacts

0302-929-707 | 026-156-0930 | 020-067-9424

Tema Dawenya, Near Magna Terris Estates