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Jackie Appiah Biography, Husband, Children, Career, Movies & Other 3 Interesting Facts

Jackie Appiah is one of the most admired and loved actress and a Ghanaian Celebrity, Jackie Appiah was born on December 5, 1983, in Canada but later moved to Ghana with her mother in 1993, at age 10.

She is the last child of five children born to Kwabena Appiah and Janet Owusu. Jackie’s father resides mainly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Quick Facts About Jackie Appiah
Name Jackie Appiah
Date of birth 5th December 1983
Age 36 Years
Parents Kwabena Appiah and Janet Owusu
Nationality Ghanaian
Child Damien Agyemang
Net worth $ 800, 000

Jackie’s Movies Career

Jackie Appiah started acting at the age of 12 in her local church group, performing mostly themes of Christian way of addressing and approaching the public and the people around them.

Her professional acting career began when she was cast as Enyonam Blagogee in the TV series Things We Do for Love.

Following her debut Jackie went on to pursue a successful acting career including starring in the much-loved movie titled Beyoncé alongside famous Ghanaian actors like Van Vicker and Nadia Buari, quickly establishing herself as an A-lister actress.

Awards And Nominations

She has won numerous awards, including a prestigious award at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards for Best Actress. The following are some of her awards.

  • Best Supporting Actress – 2007
  • Best Actress Leading Role – 2007
  • Best Actress – 2010
  • Best Ghanaian Actress – 2010
  • Pan African Actress Of The Year – 2011

Read full detail of Jakie’s awards and nominations here.

Jackie Appiah Movies And TV Shows

The following are some of the most popular movies and TV shows that feature Jackie Appiah across the world, just glance through and if possible find them and enjoy.

The Perfect Picture – Ten Years Later (2019)

The girls are back. And their lives haven’t lost one spark of the drama they had 10 years ago. In fact, these girls are saddled with more issues in their not-so-fairy-tale relationships…full summary.

Beyonce: The President’s Daughter (2006)

Beyonce vs. Ciara; Beyonce’, the president’s daughter meets Raj at the Super Market and falls in love with him.

Mugabe (2020)

Mugabe rises from being a prisoner to power as a guerrilla fighter but gradually becomes the world’s top tyrant. After four decades in power, his allies do the unexpected.

The Perfect Picture (2009)

Perfect Picture is a movie that took breaths in 2009 by Sparrow Pictures, it is about three young women learning the harsh lessons of life and relationships when they try to change their lives for the better.

Turning Point (I) (2012)

A compelling drama of complacence, karma, moral justifications, and redemption. A Nigerian-American playboy deals with the consequences after abandoning his American sweetheart for an arranged wife from back home.

Molly’s Love Story

When (Francis) suffers a traumatic brain injury and falls into a coma, his wife (Molly) refuses to let go and struggles to keep him alive. Two years after his death, Molly falls in love … See full summary

Sala (2017)

A struggling mother’s husband returns to the slums after 10 years of imprisonment, but upon his arrival, he does nothing to assist in their lives. The mother now must protect her two … See full summary

Stigma (2013)

Stigma is about two African women that contracted HIV through their work as a traditional birth attendant in a small village. One, the mother, could not stand the massive stigmatization from society, friends even family, and dies.

The Devil and the Red Sea (2017)

A suspicious husband plots with his best friend’s cousin to set up his wife to see if she will cheat, however, he soon has regrets after the initial feedback.

Obscure Motives (2009)

A seemingly perfect couple, at their four-year anniversary lunch, come to the realization that they have fallen out of love. They agree to break up but still live together as flatmates and begin dating others but not with the greatest results.

Jackie Appiah husband

Peter Agyemang was the husband of Jackie Appiah, the lucky man got married to the actress in 2005, but unfortunately, their marriage could not stand the test of time and ended three (3) years later.

Officially, the couple divorced in 2008, the cause of the divorce is not known to the public up to date. So as it stands now Jackie is divorced.

Jackie Appiah Child

Damien Agyemang is the only child of Jackie Appiah, we know already her marriage could not go far but she was blessed with a son.

Luckily for her, the custody of her son was granted to her after her divorce with Peter Agyemang. The two are quite close and at times seen together traveling and at public events, Damien is said to resemble the mother to a great extent.

Jackie Appiah Twin Sister

There are photos all over the internet of a lady known to be the twin sister of Jackie, they look identical and one can easily be fooled they are blood-related.

The truth is Jackie is not a twin and has no twin sister, there is a belief that in this world, everyone has a look-alike. Maybe she found hers.

Jackie Appiah Net Worth

How much is she worth? She is among the influential personalities in Ghana. Most of her wealth is believed to be gained through her career as an actress.

She allegedly owns magnificent buildings and numerous luxury cars. Moreover, there are speculations that she often goes for vacations in exotic places. Jackie Appiah’s net worth can be approximated to $ 800 000.

Jackie Appiah Instagram

Jackie Appiah is active on Instagram, with over 7.8 million followers. She often posts photos of what she does and places she visits. You can follow her with the handle @jackieappiah to view and stay updated with her daily activities.

3 Interesting Facts

She was the spokesperson for AID/HIV awareness campaign in Ghana.

Her father is the younger brother of the late Joe Appiah, a famous layer in Kumasi, Ghana.

Jackie hopes to study Entertainment Law or Media Law.

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