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POP Ceiling in Ghana 2024 | Price List, Designs, Photos

In this guide, we will discuss the top designs and new pop ceiling design trends which we recommend for your use in Ghana or anywhere in the world, we show you the most important aspects you need to know about P.O.P Ceiling designs, price list, photos, installation services and their contacts in Ghana 2024.

We also will share some living room and bedroom pop ceiling design samples with photos, how to install them, give you a nearly accurate cost of installing a POP ceiling in Ghana, and even assist you in locating reputable contacts of pop ceiling installers here in Ghana.

Pop ceiling designs, which are always evolving, are one aspect of Ghanaian interior design that promises to steal the show and redefine living spaces. A breath-taking combination of heritage and contemporary is promised for the year 2024, along with creative trends and artistic inspirations.

We will examine and guide you on the compelling trends and imaginative directions that are destined to influence homes, workplaces, and public spaces all throughout Ghana as we take a journey through the fascinating world of pop ceiling designs. Each design choice tells a distinct story and establishes the mood for the environment of your dreams, from elaborate heritage patterns that honor Ghana’s rich cultural tapestry to sleek minimalism that embraces contemporary elegance.

What is P.O.P Ceiling (False Ceiling)?

It’s important to understand what a pop ceiling is before delving into the design and cost information. Pop ceilings, often called false ceilings or drop ceilings, are supplementary ceilings hanging below the primary structural ceiling. A wide number of design options are available, and it is commonly built using plaster of Paris or gypsum boards. Pop ceilings are utilized for more than just decorative purposes; they can also be used to hide wiring, offer insulation, and enhance acoustics.

The Pop Ceiling is a feature that has become extremely popular in recent years when it comes to interior design in Ghana. POP, which stands for Plaster of Paris, is a flexible and fashionable way to improve the aesthetics of your living environment.

Welcome to Ghana’s world of pop ceiling designs, where innovation combines with tradition to create ceilings that serve as canvases for creative expression.

Best Bedroom Pop Ceiling Designs in Ghana (Photos)

Bedrooms are another space where pop ceilings can work wonders. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bedroom pop ceiling design samples with photos to inspire your next home improvement project.

This design combines soft lighting and a textured pop ceiling to create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep. The incorporation of indirect lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling adds a soft and calming glow to the room, while the textured finish provides a tactile element to the design.

Modern Minimalist Pop Ceiling Design

This design features clean lines and a neutral colour palette, creating a sense of spaciousness and simplicity. The use of recessed lighting adds a contemporary touch, illuminating the room evenly without overwhelming the space.

Classic Elegance

A timeless design with intricate mouldings and chandelier fixtures that exude sophistication and charm. The combination of soft colours and ornate details creates a sense of opulence, making it ideal for formal living rooms.

Geometric Pattern Pop Design

Geometric shapes and patterns add a contemporary touch to your living room, making it visually appealing. In this design, the interplay of rectangles and squares creates a dynamic and eye-catching ceiling. The use of LED strip lighting enhances the geometric patterns, adding a subtle glow to the room.

How to Choose POP Ceiling Design for your Home

Choosing and making a P.O.P ceiling design is a creative process that involves careful planning and execution. Here are some steps to help you create a stunning pop ceiling design for your space:

Assess Your Space
Begin by assessing the dimensions and layout of the room. Consider the room’s purpose and the ambience you want to create. Is it a living room, bedroom, or commercial space? Understanding the room’s function will guide your design choices.

Choose a Design Theme
Select a design theme that aligns with your style and the overall decor of the room. Popular pop ceiling design themes include modern, classic, geometric, and floral patterns. For instance, a modern design might feature sleek lines and minimalistic shapes, while a classic theme may incorporate intricate mouldings and chandelier fixtures.

Select Materials
Decide whether you want to use Plaster of Paris or gypsum boards. Each material has its advantages, so choose one that suits your preferences and budget. Plaster of Paris is known for its smooth finish and ability to create intricate designs, while gypsum boards are a cost-effective alternative.

Design Elements
Incorporate design elements such as curves, arches, lighting fixtures, and mouldings to enhance the aesthetics of the ceiling. These elements can add character and depth to your pop ceiling design. Lighting fixtures, in particular, can create a dramatic effect and serve both functional and decorative purposes.

Color Scheme
Choose a colour scheme that complements the room’s colour palette. You can opt for a monochromatic look to create a seamless transition between the ceiling and walls or add contrasting colours for a bold statement. Consider the impact of colour on the overall atmosphere of the room. For example, light colours can make a small room feel more spacious, while dark colours can create a cosy and intimate ambience.

Consult a Professional Pop Ceiling installer

If you’re not confident in your design and installation skills, it’s best to consult with a professional pop ceiling installer who can bring your vision to life. A skilled installer can provide valuable insights, suggest design ideas, and ensure a flawless installation.

Pop Ceiling Design For Halls (Photos)

Modern interior design has made pop ceiling ideas for halls an iconic feature, transforming ordinary spaces into breathtaking, artistic exhibits. Discover the fascinating world of pop ceiling ideas for halls through this carefully chosen gallery of pictures, . Each photo offers a glimpse into the artistry and grace that may make your hall an amazing place.

How much is Pop Ceiling In Ghana?

The cost of pop ceiling with installation in Ghana varies based on several factors, including the size of the room, design complexity, choice of materials, and location which includes Greater Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast etc.

On average, you can expect to pay between GHS 100 and GHS 250 per square meter for pop ceiling installation in Ghana today. Intricate designs, custom features, and the addition of lighting fixtures may increase the cost.

It’s important to note that pricing can also vary depending on the installer you choose. Some installers may offer more competitive rates, while others may provide additional services such as design consultation and post-installation maintenance.

Pop Design installation and Repairs in Ghana with Contacts

Do you need to fix or install new Pop ceiling somewhere in Ghana? Finding the right pop ceiling installation services and repairs is crucial to achieving the desired results without costing too much. Here are some reliable pop design installers in Ghana along with their contact information:

Creative Ceilings Ghana

  • Contact: +233 50 111 1111
  • Website:

Perfect Interiors

  • Contact: +233 55 555 5555
  • Website:

Elegant Decorators Ltd

  • Contact: +233 30 222 2222
  • Website:

When hiring an installer, be sure to check their portfolio, request references, and get a detailed quote that outlines all costs involved. This will help ensure a smooth and successful pop ceiling installation project.


In conclusion, because of their versatility and aesthetic appeal, pop ceilings are a preferred material for interior design in Ghana. You may make your living areas fashionable and practical regions that reflect your tastes and way of life with the correct design, supplies, and installation crew. Pop ceilings have the power to take the inside of your house to new levels of