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Price List of Cement in Ghana (2024 Guide)

In this 2024 guide, we will discuss the current price of cement in Ghana and the factors that affect its cost.

We understand that you may want to find the best cement products, their price and where to buy the original type in Ghana, and we will be sharing all you need to know about price of cement in Ghana. Cement is an essential building material that is used in various construction projects, such as residential buildings, bridges, dams, and highways.

In Ghana, the demand for cement has increased over the years due to the country’s growth in the construction industry. As a result, the price of cement has become a topic of concern for many Ghanaians which we will be discussing in this article.

Current Price List of Cement in Ghana (March 2024)

How much is cement in Ghana today? As of March 2024, a 50kg bag of cement ranges from GH₵ 45 to GH₵ 100. The updated price of cement in Ghana varies depending on the brand, location, and quantity purchased. For example, the price of cement in Accra, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Kumasi, and Tamale may vary from each other, however, the price margin will not be much.

Here is a simple list showing price list of various cement brands in Ghana

GHACEM Cement – one bag of 50kg Ghacem Cement starts at GH₵70 to GH₵95. Ghacem, also known as Ghana Cement, Ghacem is a key manufacturer of cements in Ghana, they one of the oldest, most popular and strongest cement product brand in the country.

Dangote Cement Price – The price of a 50kg bag of Dangote cement ranges from GH₵ 50 to GH₵ 85, depending on the location and quantity purchased. CIMAF cement is a new entrant into the Ghanaian market, and its price is relatively cheaper compared to other brands.

CIMAF Cement Price – CIMAF cement ranges from GH₵ 38 to GH₵ 42.

Diamond Cement Company Ghana – Diamond cement are widely known in both Ghana and Nigeria. The cost of Diamond cement in Ghana is 40 – 50GH₵ per 50kg bag

Dzata Cement – Dzata Cement is a nice cement product also, and today their price bag of cement ranges from GH₵46 – GH₵85 Per 50kg Bag

From here, you can deduce that the cheapest price you can get for a bag of cement in Ghana is 40 GH₵. That amount is the best price you may be able to find at cement retailer stores, however the distributors will likely offer you discounts at wholesale price if you are buying in bulk.

Most Popular Cement brands in Ghana

The most popular cement brands in Ghana are Dangote, CIMAF, Ghacem, and Diamond. Dangote cement is known for its quality and affordability and is commonly used in most construction projects in Ghana and many other countries in Africa, especially Nigeria. Some of the top cement products brands you can buy and use in Ghana are available for you to review here and compare their prices and quality. They include Dangote cement, CIMAF, Ghacem, Diamond cement, Dzata Cement.

Top 4 Factors Affecting the Price of Cement

Why is the price of cement going up or down in the country? The truth is that there are several factors affecting the price of cement in Ghana, should in case there is a price change, you should look out for the below reasons or factors why there is change in the price of cement.

Cost of production:
One of the primary factors is the cost of production. Cement production requires raw materials such as limestone, clay, and gypsum. The price of these materials affects the cost of producing cement. In Ghana, the cost of these raw materials has been increasing due to inflation and the depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi. As a result, cement manufacturers have increased the price of cement to cover their production costs.

Cost of transporting cement:
Another factor that affects the price of cement in Ghana is transportation. Most cement factories are located in Tema and Takoradi, and the cost of transporting cement from these locations to other parts of the country affects the final price of the product. The cost of fuel and maintenance of trucks used in transporting cement also affects the price of the product.

Demand and supply of cement:
Additionally, the demand and supply of cement in Ghana affects its price. The construction industry in Ghana has been growing, and the demand for cement has increased as a result. When the demand for cement is high and the supply is low, the price of cement increases. Similarly, when the demand for cement is low and the supply is high, the price of cement decreases.

In conclusion, the price of cement in Ghana has increased over the years due to several factors such as the cost of production, transportation, and demand and supply.

As mentioned earlier, the price of a 50kg bag of cement ranges in Ghana from GH₵ 45 to GH₵ 100, depending on the brand, location, and quantity purchased. Ghanaians can expect the price of cement to continue to increase in the future as the cost of production and transportation of raw materials increases. However, with the introduction of new cement brands into the Ghanaian market, consumers can expect more affordable prices in the future. It is important for consumers to compare prices and quality of different cement brands before making a purchase to get the best value for their money.