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Price of Paints in Ghana (2024 Guide)

Dulux paint price

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating realm of paints in Ghana, exploring everything from Coral Paint price to Dulux paint options. Get ready to unlock a spectrum of possibilities as we guide you through the price of paints in Ghana and the types of paints used.

We will provide an extensive list of companies that produce top-notch coatings. So grab your brush and let’s get started on this colourful journey! The paint products listed here are for various uses, especially for painting buildings, interior and exterior walls, like our homes and industrial buildings, and are also good for painting religious structures like churches and mosques.

The paints prices shown here are estimated hence they may vary in separate locations across Ghana. The prices are also subject to change with time, however we do our best to keep this page and other pages updated with the latest prices in the market.

Price of a bucket of Paint in Ghana (May 2024)

How much is a bucket of Paint in Ghana? Today, the price of a 20-liter bucket of paint ranges from GH₵ 250 to GH₵ 749. In Ghana, the cost of a bucket of paint might differ based on the type, brand, size and location where you want to buy the paint.

One litre of Paint in Ghana – A litre of paint in Ghana costs about GH₵12.5 normally. You should note that this price depends on the seller and location but you should bear in mind that whatever price they give you, it should not be too different from those we suggested here.

Cheaper Paint Prices – You can find budget-friendly options starting from around GH₵ 39 Ghanaian cedis for a small-sized bucket (usually 2.5 liters) of paint.

However, if you’re looking for premium brands or specialized paints such as weather-resistant or anti-mold coatings, the price may go up significantly. These high-quality paints can range anywhere from GH₵ 150 to GH₵ 749 per bucket.

Here are some paint brands and types used in Ghana with prices (Updated)

  • Coral Paint: The price of 20L bucket of Coralatex Matt Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 356.20.
    The 20L bucket of Coralit Ultra Resistance Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 449.20, and 20L bucket of Coral Decora Special Effects Paint costs GH₵ 749.
  • Dulux Paint: The price of 20L bucket of Dulux Acrylic PVA Paint costs GHS 281.20.
    Meanwhile, 20L bucket of Dulux Luxurious Silk Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 401.40, and 20L bucket of Dulux Weathershield Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 510.60.
  • Leyland Paint: The price of a 20L bucket of Leyland and Azar Supermax Matt Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 360.
    20L bucket of Leyland Supermax Satin Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 420, and 20L bucket of Leyland Supermax Eggshell Emulsion Paint costs GH₵ 480.
  • Shield Acrylic Paint: Shield Acrylic Paint costs GH₵ 660 per 20L bucket. These paints serve for both interior and exterior purposes and is also washable when the walls are dirty.

From the list shown, we can say that Coral, Dulux and Leyland seem to be the most prominent and best paint producers and distributors in Ghana. You can find paint for sale at a variety of shops in Ghana, including stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. When choosing paint, it is important to consider the type of surface you will be painting, the desired finish, and your budget.