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List of Construction Companies in Ghana 2024 (with PDF)

Today you will discover the simple list of construction companies in Ghana, the construction and civil engineering companies can be found across places like Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Takoradi, Western Cape among others. Some of the companies listed here are also Multinational construction companies that operate in Ghana. They deal on both roads and building construction projects across Ghana.

If you may already know, Ghana’s construction industry plays a vital role in its economic growth and development. With countless construction projects underway, various construction companies are responsible for shaping the nation’s infrastructure and contributing to its progress.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of road and building construction companies in Ghana, they are found in big cities like Accra and Kumasi we will also share this along with their contact information, facilitating easier access for potential clients, investors, or job seekers who may be in search of vacancy from the companies.

What are the Major Roles of a Construction company in Ghana?

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Estimating and Bidding
  • Site Preparation and Development
  • Construction and Installation
  • Project Documentation and Reporting
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Management
  • Client Communication and Relationship Management
  • Post-construction Services

2024 Full List of Construction companies in Ghana with Contact & their Address

You can also download and view the PDF format of this list here => List of Construction Companies in Ghana PDF (View Now)

Whether you are a client who wants to establish a project, or perhaps you’re an engineer seeking a job or student looking for civil and construction engineering companies in Ghana where you can possibly do your industrial training in civil and building engineering, this list may also be of help to you.

Below is a brief review of top 10 construction companies in Ghana, the list shown here is arranged in no particular order.

1. Gapson Company Limited

Gapson Company Limited is a leading Ghanaian construction company with offices in Accra and Kumasi. Gapson Company Ltd builds houses, paints, tills, waterproofs and maintains them, does ceiling work, and installs plumbing fixtures. 

Contact: 0546 098 520 / 0201 82 63 55

2. Consar Limited

Consar Limited is a distinguished construction company in Ghana known for its exceptional performance in civil engineering and building projects. With over three decades of experience, Consar Limited has completed numerous high-profile projects. 

Contact: +233302815671

3. Joshob Construction Company Limited

Joshob Construction Company Limited specializes in both residential and industrial construction projects. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, they have earned a solid reputation in Ghana’s construction industry. 

Contact: +233 244 342 942

4. Berock Ventures Limited

Berock Ventures Limited is a versatile construction firm involved in various construction sectors such as civil engineering, building construction, and real estate development. They provide reliable and efficient construction solutions in Ghana. 

Contact: +233 20 811 1999

5. Micheletti & Co. Ltd

Micheletti & Co. Ltd is a leading construction firm specializing in building construction, road construction, and engineering services. With a solid track record of successful projects, they have garnered trust and recognition in the industry. 

Contact: +233 242 811 300

6. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC)

CHEC is a global construction and engineering company and has established a strong presence in Ghana. They have successfully executed several large-scale infrastructure projects, including ports, highways, and airports. 

Contact: +233 302 742 531

7. Dagbon Constructions Limited 

Dagbon Constructions Limited is a road construction business in Ghana that offers engineering, procurement, and construction services for the building of buildings, civil projects, and roads. In Ghana, Dagbon Constructions Limited specializes in building residential, commercial, and industrial structures. The company has a track record of successfully completing quality projects on time and within budget.

Contact: +233504874737 | +233242640444

8. Elzo Construction Company

Elzo Construction Company is an engineering, architectural, and construction firm with offices in Ghana and Nigeria. The business focuses in providing building construction services for both residential and commercial sites. One of the greatest construction firms in Ghana, Elzo Construction Company creates excellent infrastructure developments in Ghana.

Contact: +233 5447 4399 3 | +233 2670 5398 4

9. David Walter Limited

David Walter Limited is one of Ghana’s most recognized and progressive civil engineering companies. It was established as a limited liability company in 1975 under registration number 8385. The $8 million AU Presidential Houses, the DFID Steel Bridge, and the restoration of the Goil Service Station in Akim Odebt etxxd are just a few of the notable projects that David Walter is recognized for.

Contact:+233 (0) 30 222 2569 | +233 (0) 30 222 4517

10. Asanduff Construction

Asanduff Construction is a Ghanaian firm that specializes in building, development, and renovation. In Ghana, the company has worked on a number of projects, including infrastructure development, home construction, and commercial building construction. Asanduff building is another Ghanaian road building business noted for its high standards and quality work. 


List of Top Construction Companies in Accra

The following are construction companies in Accra 

  1. Elzo Building Construction Company


3. Aquaforever

4. Cymain Group

5. Samstel Group of Companies

6. Mendanha & Sousa Ghana Construction Ltd

7. Professional Builders Construction Company

8. Asterion Construction

9. JS Construction and Engineering Services ltd

10. Golden Mainland Ghana Limited

11. Ghana UK Construction Ltd

12. MShach Construction Company Ltd

13. Tramis Construction Company

14. NGK Construction Ltd

15. Tetebotan Construction Consult

List of Construction Companies in Kumasi, Ghana

The following are the construction Companies in Kumasi 2024. They work on both Roads and Buildings:


2. Consar Construction Limited

3. Naachiaa Estates Limited

4. Rich House Construction

5. Okyerepo and sons construction company limited

6. JBD Ventures Limited/Joevide Company Limited

7. Justmoh Construction Limited

8. Dream Side Construction

9. Cymain Contractors Ghana Ltd

10. Doganstar Construction Company Ltd

11. Attachy construction office


13. Architectural & Building Construction Experts

14. J.K Construction Limited

15. Jometo Architectural and Construction Limited


The construction industry in Ghana continues to thrive, and the listed construction companies contribute significantly to its growth and development. This list of construction companies, along with their contact information, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking construction services, investments, or employment opportunities. By reaching out to these companies, one can explore the possibilities of collaborating on projects and contributing to Ghana’s ongoing development journey in the construction sector.