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Price List of Water Tanks in Ghana (2024 Guide) Types and Sizes

Water tanks price in Ghana

Water tank sizes and prices in Ghana 2024 – This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to price list of water tanks in Ghana, including types and sizes. Our aim is assisting you in making an informed decision for your water storage needs. You should budget about ₵451 to purchase a 1,000L Water tank in Ghana and 5000L water tanks in Ghana for about GH₵600 – GH₵2,500.

– For a 5,000L water tank in Ghana you should budget about GH₵600 – GH₵2,500.

It is important to note that these price ranges are estimates, they are subject to change and can vary depending on where you purchase the water tank, ongoing market trends, and possible discounts or promotions.

What are the best water tanks to use in Ghana?

First, let us have a look at the best plastic water storage tanks you can get, from this list shown below, you can make your choice:

  • Polytank
  • Sintex
  • Polystar
  • Watatank
  • Polyworld by Duraplast

Poly tank Price list and sizes in Ghana

Poly tanks are very popular and most used across Ghana because they had proved to be very efficient over the years. The poly tanks materials are made High-quality thermoplastic polyethylene.
Polyethylene has outstanding resistance to weather, abrasion, and chemicals. Additionally, polyethylene works well in the manufacture of plastic tanks due to its durability. An ultraviolet light stabiliser is added as a coated painting if they are to be used as outdoor tanks to provide further protection from the sun.

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Today we will also be talking about the various price of these plastic water tanks, the price of each water tank varies depending on the size, location and seller where you are buying from.

Price List of Water Tanks in Ghana (March 2024)

Water tank Type (Poly)Size in Liters (L)Price (GH₵)
Small tanks200L – 1000LGH₵150 – GH₵500
Medium-sized tanks1,000L – 5,000LGH₵600 – GH₵2,500
Large Tanks5,000L and aboveGH₵3,000 – GH₵10,000
New Water Tank Price Chart

Understanding Water Tank Sizes in Ghana:

Water tanks come in different sizes to accommodate varying storage requirements. In Ghana, the most common tank sizes available in the market range from 200 liters (55 gallons) to 10,000 liters (2,642 gallons) or more. These tanks are typically made of durable materials like plastic, fiber, or metal. It is crucial to select a tank size that matches your consumption needs while also considering the available space for installation.

Summarised Full Cost of Water tanks in Ghana:

How much does 1,000 Litre water tank price in Ghana?
You should budget about ₵451 to purchase a 1,000L Water tank in Ghana

How much does a 5,000 Litre water tank cost in Ghana?
You can get brand new 5000L water tank in Ghana for about ₵600

Cost of 10,000 Litre water tank price in Ghana
The cost of 10,000L water tank in Ghana is around ₵3,470.00 to ₵5,490

Price variations of Water Tanks in Ghana – Explained

The prices of water tanks in Ghana can vary based on several factors, including the material, brand, capacity, and location of purchase. Below, we provide a rough estimation of the price ranges for different tank sizes:

1. Small tanks (200 Litres – 1,000 liters): Prices for small tanks, suitable for individual households or smaller businesses, can range from GH₵ 150 to GH₵ 500, depending on the material and brand. Plastic tanks are generally more affordable than metal or fiber tanks.

2. Medium-sized tanks (1,000 – 5,000 liters): Tanks within this range, appropriate for medium-sized households or small-scale institutions, can cost anywhere between GH₵ 600 and GH₵ 2,500. The price may vary based on the brand, quality, and material.

3. Large tanks (5,000 liters and above): Tanks with capacities of 5,000 liters or more are ideal for larger households, businesses, or institutions. These tanks can range anywhere from GH₵ 3,000 to GH₵ 10,000 or more, depending on the material, brand, and additional features (e.g., built-in filtration systems).

Where to Buy Water Tanks across Ghana

Water tanks can be purchased from various suppliers across Ghana. You can find them in hardware stores, specialized water tank retailers, or even online platforms. It is advisable to research different suppliers offline and online like Jiji Ghana, compare prices, and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, consider the reputation and warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure product quality and after-sales support.

What are the Water tank Dimensions used in Ghana?

Here is a chart showing you water tank dimensions to help you pick the right size that fits your needs and space availability. Also note that there shorter tanks that have more liter size will take up space on ground, while the taller ones takes less space on ground. This was culled from here . This chart covers water tank dimensions ranging from 300L – 5000L.


Water tanks are an essential investment in addressing water scarcity and ensuring a reliable water supply in Ghana. By considering the appropriate tank size and understanding the price ranges, you can make an informed decision to suit your specific requirements and budget. Remember to consider the material, brand, and warranty when purchasing a water tank. With the right information, you can contribute to water conservation efforts and ensure a sustainable water supply for you.