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List of Top Roofing Companies In Ghana 2024 (Updated)

roofing companies in Ghana

Roofing companies in Ghana offer a variety of services to their customers. They are not just limited to roofing but also offer other roofing services and roofing materials. Currently, finding the best roofing companies in Ghana is not an easy task since there are many of them operating in the country, that is why we are here to help and show you which ones are worth trying.

There is an ongoing demand for quality roofing materials and services in Ghana and roofing companies have evolved to meet the needs of this market.

Although there are some companies that hold a significant share in the market, you’ll still need to completely check out the quality of their roofing solutions before going ahead to patronize them.

There are a number of roofing companies in the industry, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. You need to find out what they offer and how they compare in terms of quality and cost.

The roofing companies in Ghana have seen a lot of high-quality modern and decorative roofing systems in recent times
Some of these roofing solutions include the IDT roofing system, IBR roofing system, and transparent roofing system.

List of Roofing Companies in Ghana

In this article, we are going to look at a list of Roofing Companies in Ghana. In no particular order let’s get started.

Manglad roofing system

Manglad Roofing Systems is a roofing company in Ghana and a manufacturer of high quality, affordable and modern Aluminum and Aluzinc roofing materials.

The company has been in existence since 2009 and still thriving when it comes to the roofing industry in Ghana. Established by two like-minded individuals who love what they do.

Their services include Quantity surveying services, on-site roof installation, technical advice, roofing woodworks, general carpentry works, and management of building projects.

Manglad produces quality roofing panels made of Aluminum, Zinc, and Silica. The aluminum component in the panels makes them durable and able to withstand harsh conditions.

Manglad Roofing Systems limited pricing is reasonable, and good for both big and small pockets.

READ MORE: Manglad Roofing Systems Ltd – All Information (Contact & Services)

Iridak roofing system

Are you looking for a roofing company that offers high-quality products and services? Iridak Roofing System is one of the best roofing companies in Ghana.

Iridak Roofing System offers high-quality products and services. It has roofing panels made of aluminum. Products are Iridak Long tile, iridak inverted box rib, and Iridak self-lock. Services are on-site support, rainwater harvesting, re-roofing, and after-sales support.

Contact Iridak Roofing System today to find out more about their products and services. Click on the link below to get detailed information about them.

FULL DETAILS: Iridak Roofing System Limited (Services & Contacts)

DBS roofing Ghana

DBS Industries Limit has been building customer satisfaction for over since its inception. Behind every roofing project are dedication, experience, and long-standing quality. DBS specializes in commercial, industrial, and residential roofing.

DBS Industries Limit is also the producer of both aluminium and aluzinc long span and short span roofing sheets which come in various Profiles, Gauges (thickness), colours, and accessories with elegance and quality to give your building a unique roof.

According to DBS Industries Limited, they have another word for Quality – it’s called a Guarantee. They provide customers with the finest possible craftsmanship and the best available materials.

Rocksters roofing

Rocksters Roofing Systems is another roofing company in Ghana you can work with. They don’t just install roofing only, they manufacture roofing materials as well.

Starting in 1992, they are one of the market leaders when it comes to the manufacturing and installation of roofing in Ghana.

Rocksters Roofing company manufacture and installs quality, affordable and reliable products that meet the international standards of the roofing industry.

Products include Roofing Sheets, Steel Trusses, Ceiling Joists, and Plasterboards. Coupled with trusted services like Roofing & Ceiling Installation, Re-roofing, After Sales Service, and more. Read full detail below.

FULL DETAILS: Rocksters Roofing Ghana (Services, Contacts & Products)

Troysteel roofing system

Troysteel roofing system is one of Ghana’s leaders in Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Roofing. Specializing in the full range of roofing and re-roofing.

They also produce quality roofing sheets and accessories that are second to none. The company can boast of an unbeatable record and reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. You can learn more about Troysteel roofing systems here.

Asangod Roofing Systems Limited

Asangod Roofing Systems Limited is a registered Roofing company in Ghana. It has been in the roofing industry for over twelve (12) years with experienced personnel who are abreast with industry standards.

A roofing company that is much committed to providing quality roofing sheets that lit the beauty of your project at an affordable price.

They have a tradition of working closely with clients concerning the technicalities associated with the work.

Asangod has a variety of products and services crafted to serve every customer no matter their needs and pocket.

They also have branches and locations crossed the entire country you can rely on buying their products or services.

CLICK HERE To Learn more about Asangod Roofing Systems Limited.

Domod roofing system

Domod roofing system was incorporated in April 2005 as a subsidiary of Domod Aluminum Limited.

A roofing company dedicated to offering a wide range of corrugated roofing sheet products and services that is of the highest quality to the Ghanaian Market

The mission of the company is o provide the wide range of superior roofing products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations. Learn More About Domod Roofing Systems.


  • Domod Standing Seam (DSS)
  • Supa IDT
  • Deep Trough Sheet (DTS)
  • Domod Long Tile (DLT)

Our Services

  • On-site Roof Installation
  • Re-roofing
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Free Estimates
  • Free Technical Advice
  • After Sales Service and Support

Raincoat roofing system

With offices located throughout Ghana, Raincoat Roofing Systems Ltd is a reliable roofing solution provider in Ghana.

Services cut across individual homeowners, private and public sector property developers, churches, retailers, and building merchants.

Raincoat believes that the secret to an attractive home or property starts with a great roof.

The company manufacture and install steel trusses and roofing sheets and offer a wide variety of TureCore, Steel Trusses that performance very even in harsh conditions. They are also the largest provider of Colorbond roofing materials in Ghana.

You can rely on our years of industry experience to work out the best solution for you. We’ll customize the process and make informed recommendations.

More List of Roofing Companies in Ghana

Not to bore you with a lot of content find the list of roofing companies in Ghana and links to additional information about them.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes and does not provide a guarantee. Do your due diligence before hiring any of the companies mentioned in the article.